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Developing innovative pedagogical tools

The textile sector in Europe is surrounded by newly and determinant changes and challenges. Nowadays, the digitalisation and the intelligence endowment of the industrial processes are essential for the development of the industry and for the greening process that all sectors transversally shall implement to advance to the climate neutrality.

In that sense, HACKTEX project aims at developing innovative pedagogical tools to improve the skills of engineering students on higher education in relation to innovation and, particularly, in the field of smart textiles.

The Project raises a proposal that is oriented to the reassessment of the sector dynamics by enhancing and targeting the skills of the future workforce generations, producing competitive products, developing the 4.0 industry and giving to the sector adaptability to external inputs and demands… in conclusion, endow the textile industry with resilience starting from the beginning of its value chain: the students’ education and training.  

Deepening in smart textiles and matching the science field with new technologies and the textile sector, means giving a renewed potential, a consolidated competitivity and an important green component to the European textile industry.

For that, the needs for digital education responding to the identified gaps and mismatches related to skills and competences that are needed to open up new opportunities enabled by smart textiles research into advanced textiles’ manufacturing. It will provide HEIs with valuable methodologies and tools to use in day-to-day training future specialists in the field of advanced/smart textiles. The skills generated based on the tools and methodologies developed by HACTEX for digital training will then transfer to the industry.

Hacktex consortium meets in Iasi for its 5th TPM!

This week, on 7th and 8th of February, the Hacktex consortium met in Iasi for its 5th Transnational Project Meeting. It was organised and hosted by TUIASI, the project coordinator, and all partners agree on its fruitful outputs. The meeting began with TUIASI, giving...

Hacktex consortium launches the Bootcamp, an intensive training course for university students!

Last week, the Hacktex project organised, in Boras, Sweden, an intensive training course named Hacktex Bootcamp.  The course, , gathered students from the 4 participating universities: Gheorghe Asachi Technical University from Romania, the Universitat Politècnica de...

Hacktex bootcamp has just started!

Hacktex project, an initiative funded by the Erasmus+ program from the European Union, is organising a training intensive course to students from several European universities to get to know what smart textiles are about and how to manage them within markets. A wide...

Hacktex launches its 3rd Newsletter!

HACKTEX has just released its 3rd newsletter that features the project progress and current status, the latest news and the ongoing activities. In this issue, several Results of the Hacktex project are updated. Firslty, the Hacktex Massive Online Open Course about...

Hacktex consortium meets in Terrassa for its 4th TPM!

Last Monday June 19th, the Hacktex consortium met in Terrassa for its 4th Transnational Project Meeting. It was organised and hosted by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. In line with the partners’ commitment, the meeting debates resulted to be efficient,...

Hacktex launches its 2nd Newsletter!

HACKTEX has just released its 2ndt newsletter that features the project progress and current status, the latest news and the ongoing activities. In this issue, the most relevant information is the launch of the first project results, the Field Research (Survey) for...

Hacktex goes on: steering committee meeting!

Last Friday, March 24th, Hacktex consortium met for their monthly steering committee, virtually. The SC meeting are previewd since the beginning of the project to ensure a smooth communication among partners: to take immediate decisions, to update the partnership with...

Hacktex consortium meets in Rome for its 3rd TPM!

This week, Hacktex consortium met in Rome for their 3rd Transnational Project Meeting. The event was organised in two journeys and CIAPE hosted it. It was a fruitful meeting, full of decisive and constructive debates. The first day, February 8th, began with the...

Hacktex launches its 1st Newsletter!

HACKTEX has just released its 1st newsletter that features the project progress and current status, the latest news and the ongoing activities. In this issue, the most relevant information is the general overview of the project, that is provided at the introduction,...

Hacktex consortium meets in Athens for its 2nd TPM!

Last Tuesday, July 26th, #Hacktexproject consortium met for its second Transnational Project Meeting in Athens, Greece. The meeting was hosted by Cre.Thi.Dev. and started with a welcome from Mr. Dimos Papakpnstantinou. Right after that, Ms. Luminita Ciobanu, from...

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